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From Iceland to Olga on Orcas Island Welcome to my world

shapeimage_2Orcas Island is a spectacular place to raise Icelandic horses.
Also a very nice place to ride.

Our goal is to breed strong, healthy, hardy,calm family friendly horses.
The nature of the breed is to be cooperative and of good temperament.
I breed to encourage the friendly aspect of the breed.  I do not breed for color. Conformation is important to maintain the incredible strength of these small horses and to encourage the unique gaits of this breed. I raise my herd out in the open, not in stalls.  They give birth in the pasture, unassisted.  The herd helps teach the young horses discipline and teaches them social order. The foals learn to respect my space.  I believe this makes them much easier to train when the time comes.

Please come and take a look.  I enjoy showing my herd to people and introduce them to the incredible Icelandic Horse. See sale page


Evans Farm
PO Box 116
Olga, WA  98279