About the breed


The Breed

Bred for 900+ years by the vikings to be small enough and calm enough to go in the open boats. strong enough to carry them when they got to the end of their journey. This breed has been bred for temperament, strength, and hardiness. The breed is said to come in 40 colors with all colors available in pinto coloring.  That said, I still do not know the difference between a black/brown horse and a brown/black horse.

How the breed is used.

Icelandic Horses are used for trail riding, arena show work,endurance riding, competitive trail riding, pleasure riding, driving, packing in, dressage, some of us even have fun with team penning.  Traditionally the horses are ridden in the english style.  Many of us in the west prefer western tack for the trail riding in the serious mountains in the Pacific Northwest.


The Icelandic horse is a 5-gaited breed. Walk, trot, tolt, canter and pace.  The tolt is a four beat gait similiar to the single foot gait of the American Saddlebred.  Very, very smooth. Pace is a lateral gait and can be very fast. Usually ridden for racing and used only on a straight track.  Some horses do not easily show all 5 gaits.